Ancient Side is one of the oldest settlements of Anatolia. A pearl of the Mediterranean region, Side is located east of Antalya. The city's ancient remains are harmoniously framed by its modern authentic architecture. Among the remains of the ancient heritage are the impressive theatre complex, agora, the Temple of Athena, and especially the Temple of Apollo which is located in close proximity to the sea line at the end of Side's peninsula. The ancient theatre can accommodate 15000 viewers. Numerous concerts are organized there in summer time. Apart from these, ancient Side offers other historical attractions, including an archeological museum.

A great number of restaurants, bars and cafes add color to the cultural experience.

You will also enjoy the atmosphere and the unforgettable landscape from a table located by the sea in Side.


The river running through the town of Manavgat rivers the same name as the town and is located 10 km from Side. Impressive waterfalls let you come straight up to them. Excursions by boat are organized and different fish dishes from fresh local trout are prepared. The upper part of the stream features two dams.

Note: Every Monday and Thursday a bazaar takes place in Manavgat.

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